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Tim Von Housen

Sun Sign


Circle Location


Tim is the very cool, very handsome, older brother of Salena’s friend Keia. He is a junior at Reno High School, and is best friends with Connelly Kenyon. Though he is not a member of the original Sisterhood he is still a big part of Salena’s life, seeing as she can’t stop staring at him whenever he is near. But honestly, who could blame her? Not only does Tim have the ‘older guy’ appeal, but he is great at almost everything he tries. He excels at just about every kind of water sport having to do with a board, is awesome at playing the piano and the ukulele, has an excellent sense of humor, loves animals, is artistic, and most importantly is just an all around good guy. How could that not turn a few heads?

When Tim’s dad died he pretty much became the man of the house, though it was not expected of him he slid into the role fairly easily. Always remaining strong for his mom and sister, as well as being loving and supportive. He is protective of his little sister but also trusts her to make smart decisions, and is confident in her group of friends to help her do that. Even so, this does not mean that he doesn’t have time to be the stereotypical, immature boy that he is. He wasn’t forced to grow up too fast or anything like that, just made to realize the importance of the word ‘family.’

Though Salena always believed he didn’t notice her, or just thought of her as Keia’s friend, it wasn’t so. He always felt a little connection to this wonderfully strange girl, but didn’t really put any stock into it until he began to help her and the Sisterhood with the Blue Flu outbreak. Spending more time around her had him realizing that there was, in fact, a little spark between them. Now that their journey together has only just begun it is safe to wonder what the future holds.